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Visiting Pilots to Hawaii

Welcome to Hawaii. Why pay a huge sum for a tour charter when you can do it yourself? During your visit to Hawaii take advantage the beautiful scenery and breathtaking views you get from an aircraft. For less than you would pay for you and the family to charter a tour flight, you can do it yourself with a little planning.

Flying around Hawaii (Oahu) is simple. It’s an island, you can’t get lost. Just keep traveling around the island in the same direction and in less than an hour, you will be back to where you started. Do yourself a favor….stay VFR (95% of the year) and mind the gas (10 gallons gets you around the island).

Helicopter, 2-3 passenger airplane, or a 6 seat multiengine aircraft....Your choice!

There are two ways to accomplish your flight:

1. Rental Check Flight
a)  Study Class B (HNL) procedures and the regulations that govern Class B. I will gladly send you the VFR course rules and HNL particulars. AOPA has this all online.
b)  Prior to your rental check flight we will discuss and review the details of flying around Hawaii and plan a route for you to use.
c)  Demonstrate proficiency in getting in/out of Class B. I will review all the particulars to HNL with you. Demonstrate your ability as a pilot so there are no doubts you can conduct a flight safely.*
d)  Rent the plane and have some fun. Headsets and safety equipment provided with the rental.
* Bring your FAA license (be sure you have the new plastic certificate), your current medical certificate, and a logbook showing your current BFR.

2. Use me as a Safety Pilot
Do (a) and (b) above and utilize me as your Hawaii/Class B safety pilot. I will cover the navigation, comms, and keep us safe and legal; you enjoy flying the aircraft and seeing the sights. Class B (HNL) can be daunting if you are not accustom to airspace with helicopters, 747’s, F-15’s, seaplanes, and controllers, who are very busy coordinating four runways simultaneously.

                               - Call in advance to set it up

If you contact me in advance I can send you all the information you will need to plan your flight to include setting up your rental aircraft. Outer island flights are equally as enjoyable and with an outer island check flight or using me as your safety pilot, it can easily be accomplished.

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