In memory of Pete Redpath, my friend.

I have direct access to a Robinson R-22 (2 seat) and R-44 (4 seat) Helicopter.

Due to strict insurance requirments and FAA rules (See SFAR 73 FAR/AIM 2012) renting a helicopter for personal use in Hawaii has been almost impossible. That just changed!! You can now rent an R-22.

- To act as Pilot in Command (PIC) SFAR 73 requires you have 200 hours of helicopter time and 10 hours of dedicated instruction in the R-22. The 10 hours of instruction would cost you over $2500! For those of you who want a few hours of flight time in the R-22, I can arrange that for you. I am qualified to act as PIC for you, saving you the $2.5K. For those that desire to act as PIC, and get the 10 hours, I can arrange that for you.

Click here to see the R-22 SFAR 73 Flow Chart to Qualification

July 2011:  I had the privilege of attending the Robinson Helicopter Factory Safety Course for CFI's in June.  Four days of flying with their test pilots, instruction with the Robinson Maintenance Dept and mishap study with the Chief Instructor was exciting and eye opening on how to safely fly this machine.  Low rotor RPM recoveries, cut engines, full autorotations, and spinning out of control recoveries were all part of the flying.  Ground instruction really hit home with videos, pictures, and real world accounts on what happens when you fail to respect the laws of physics in a helicopter.  Turns out, gravity really works!!

Flying has been a joy.  Whales, tourists, 15’ Hammerhead Sharks, 100’s of turtle sightings, and island sight seeing tours with the R-22 are ongoing. If you are interested in getting a flight in the R-22, please contact me. There is a possibility that I will have access to an R-44 (4 seats) in the near future.

For detailed videos of an R-22 preflight and maneuvers go to:

For some great Helicopter / R-22 gouge go to: 

COST: For the same cost or more you can go on one of those commercial helicopter tours and sit in the back seat. That would be "fun"........NOT!! 

North Shore

Whale Pod By Lt Dan Beasley

Presidential Helicopter HMX-1

​              Tom Keating

Offshore Honolulu

R-22 Cockpit

Robinson R-22