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"Risk Management"

"Military Perspective on General Aviation"

My Goal as your CFI

As your CFI, I will provide you with the best possible aviation instruction I am capable of, to include you

acquiring safe and aeronautically sound procedures.

My Goals:
- Develop your passion for flying.
- Assist you to develop confidence in your skills as well as respect for the inherent risks in flying.
- I do not want you to just “pass” your check flights, but to excel in their completion.

You will be orally quizzed at times during the brief, flight, and post flight to ensure your thorough understanding

of a topic both in and out of the aircraft. There will be times when you have a bad flight, which is OK. I will be there

to tell you it gets better and to encourage you to “get back on the horse”.

All flights will involve a formal detailed flight brief that will cover emergency procedures, crew coordination, safety procedures, and an outline of the flight to be flown. At the completion of all flights I will debrief the flight with you,

make suggestions for improvement, constructively critique your abilities, and review anything about the flight you

wish to discuss. I will generate an in-depth written “Pilot Under Instruction” evaluation form for all flights.

My Background
I instruct in both airplanes (Multi & Single Engine) and helicopters.  I will bring my experience to the table in making

sure you are safe and prepared to be a professional aviator. I have acquired 29 years and over 5300 hours of US Marine Corps and civilian flight experience and instruction. I have personally trained 100’s of pilots in both fixed wing and

rotary wing aircraft. I have lead multiple waves and many types of aircraft under demanding flight regimes involving

night vision goggles, shipboard operations, and low level terrain flight in all environments in the United States, several countries in Asia, and throughout the Persian Gulf. My last position in the Marine Corps before I retired in September

2009 was that of a Commanding Officer in a Marine Corps Squadron conducting operations in Iraq. While in Hawaii I

have flown a twin engine, 8 passenger, Piper Chieftan (Part 135), Bell-412EP, (Part 135), Piper Seminole (twin),

C-172SP's, and two Robinson (R-22 & R-44) Helicopters.  My other flying has involved flying in Afghanistan

supporting the Global War on Terrorism conducting direct actions against enemy forces.  My FAA designations

include Airline Transport Pilot, Commercial Rotary Wing (Instrument), Certified Flight Instructor (CFII, MEI, Rotorcraft CFII).

I obtained a Masters degree in Aeronautics from Embry-Riddle in 2013.  My flight time, certificates, and experience

do not make me immune from mistakes. I will be the first to call attention to them as soon as I recognize I have made a mistake. My flight instruction will be standardized and flexible enough to accomplish your goals.

December 2017 Update:  I am a consultant for various military organizations developing ongoing projects

throughout the Pacific Rim as well as conducting contracted surveillance missions in Afghanistan.  I can't always take on the responsibility of additional students but am always willing to assist in helping others navigate and understand the intricacies of flight training.  If you need help or have a question, please contact me.