Hugh V. Tillman


Visiting Hawaii
Rental checkout or use me as a safety pilot.  Flying around Hawaii is a much better way to see the islands.  Easy to do even for those who are not pilots.  Cost effective and something just a little different.

Helicopter Flying
R-22 & R-44 flying has been a joy.  Whales, dolphins, 15’ Hammerhead Sharks, 100’s of turtle sightings, and island sight seeing with the R-22 or R-44 are ongoing. PIC reqs and FAR reqs here.

Military Pilot Transition
The most basic reason to transition is that civilian flying is fun. After having sat through countless hours of long military flight briefings, wouldn’t it be nice after a short brief to go fly?

Flight Instruction

No person will be more influential in nurturing a desire to fly than your first flight instructor. A CFI will make the flight training fun &   challenging.

About Me

As your CFI, I will provide you with the best possible aviation instruction I am capable of, to include you acquiring safe and
aeronautically sound procedures.